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Christmas collapse. Per night bitcoin fell by 10%

West went on Christmas vacation, and with it the rate of bitcoin has dramatically fallen by more than 10% over the past 12 hours. The decline started at 19:00 GMT on Monday, when the BTC rate was $285 4 and by 07:45 for one bitcoin gave $3 837.

Even more sad is the situation of other altcoins. Most of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 10 fell to 13-15%, and Bitcoin and Cash fell by 22% in the last 24 hours. On the eve of the cryptocurrency market began Christmas rally: live rose in price in anticipation of the January hard forks, many altcoins have reached monthly highs.

Cryptocurrency NEO, which is also the beginning of the week is the explosive growth, rising by 20% is also almost entirely played growth of 15 percent correction, and this despite the fact that the creators of the cryptocurrency working on the imminent launch of the improved platform Neoland, which will be based on the numeric value.

However, Christmas has always been one of the reasons for the sharp decline in activity in the markets and it is unlikely in the next week or two, we can expect significant changes in the course of bitcoin. On the other hand, the game is still Asian market.


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