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Criminals are robbing the holders of Ethereum using a Scam-forks

Ethereum and Ethereum Nowa Classic Vision these two projects posing the forks of Ethereum cryptocurrency, steal the private keys of users. The scheme of the criminals is simple and not new — ETH holders are invited to obtain the new coins, which allegedly was the result of hard forks Ethereum: Ethereum and Ethereum Nowa Classic Vision (actually those tokens do not exist in nature), with the attackers lure the holders of the cryptocurrency private keys from their wallets.

Ethereum Nowa offers users to send air to the specified address, and then extract the private key and get the coins ETN with the help of special programs. It copies the logo, the interface and the name of a popular purse MyEtherWallet, but unlike the original, does not contain any functionality, in addition to fields for entering the private key.

When you use this MEW extension in the browser to the criminals ‘ site visit is not possible, it is blocked as malicious. Criminals transmit private keys visitors to a remote server, and then they can get full access to the victim’s wallet.

The second fraudulent project Ethereum Classic Vision reports that is preparing to hold hardwork today, January 11. On his website there are links to download the wallet for Windows and Linux. They also convey the private keys of the users to the remote server.


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Afroz Ahmad