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Cryptocurrency market is recovering, EOS USDT at the forefront

The cryptocurrency market has started to recover from recent drops, all the major coins are painted in green.

General lift the best results are demonstrated by EOS: +25% for 24 hours, rate of $2.4. In the capitalization of $2.1 billion, EOS is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency.

It is also worth noting the recovery Tether. At the time of this writing, a single token USDT equivalent to $1.01. During the day, the course stablon increased by 1%. Tether is sixth in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrencies.

Try to keep up and other coins. Bitcoin has risen for the day by 8%, reaching $3536. XRP, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash is also on the rise. Altcoins are showing growth in 7-15%.

It seems that the efforts made by the developers of the various cryptocurrency projects were not in vain — the market is recovering, but the ongoing hash of the war in divided in two camp BCH continues to scare away investors, both retail and institutional.

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