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DPRK commented on allegations of theft of $ 2 billion from crypto exchanges and banks

The DPRK official state news source, Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA), has denied allegations of massive theft of funds from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges. Recall that the amount is estimated at $ 2 billion.

As recently reported, the sanctions committee against North Korea under the United Nations Security Council said that "hackers from the DPRK make money for government programs to create weapons of mass destruction and today the total amount of stolen funds is about $ 2 billion."

In response, the news agency referred to a report by the North Korean National Coordinating Committee for Combating Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism stating that the United States and some other hostile entities intentionally spread false rumors:

"Such insinuations of hostile entities are nothing more than a dirty game, the purpose of which is to worsen the image of our country and find reasons for the introduction of new sanctions and additional pressure on the DPRK."

In addition, the agency said the United Nations "is trying to crank out the same old trick that the Nazi propagandists had previously resorted to."

As reported, the UN conducted an investigation into 35 likely cyber attacks by the DPRK. Neighboring South Korea was the victim of 10 of them, and 3 were aimed at India.


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