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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the course for February 14-15, 2019

During the February 14 session, the Altcoins demonstrate multidirectional trading.


During the morning trading on February 14, bears in the EOS market broke through support at the local level of $ 2,8300 and, by the opening of the American trading period, recorded a session minimum price at $ 2.7600.

At the time of the market review, the EOS / USD pair is quoted at $ 2,8100 with a slight recovery from the local minimum. Analysis of the four-hour chart of the pair shows that the closest resistance to the growth of the price of a cryptoactive asset bears form at a dynamic level along the line of the moving average EMA30 with a value of $ 2.8130.

February 14 EOSUSD H4
February 14 EOSUSD H4

Obviously, having fixed above the designated support level, EOS buyers will slow down the price reduction of the token and will probably attempt to regain control of the first key resistance level of $ 2.9290 in the coin trading on February 15.

Continuing bullish divergence on the EOS / USD chart with the RSI14 indicator indicates a high probability of the development of the price growth scenario in the short term.


During the current session, Stellar continued to slide towards the first key support level of $ 0.0755. Temporary support for the pair XLM / USD bulls formed in the price of $ 0.0760. At the time of the market review, Stellar is trading at $ 0.0765.

The short-term rate of the cryptoactive is under pressure from the moving average EMA30 with a value of $ 0.0782, at the indicated level, in the case of recovery of the coin price, one should expect strong resistance to the price increase.

February 14 XLMUSD H4
February 14 XLMUSD H4

Since February 11, the relative strength index values are held in sales, which confirms bearish trends in the Stellar market dominance.

For confident recovery of the upward movement of the XLM / USD pair, bulls need to regain control over the price above the weekly pivot of $ 0.0800.


In the first hours of the European trading period on February 14, bears in the Cardano market broke through support for the price of cryptocurrency at the weekly reversal level of the trend $ 0.0404 and fixed the session minimum price at the level of $ 0.0395.

The quotes of the ADA / USD pair recovered in less than one hour over the dynamic level formed on the line of the moving average EMA100 with a value of $ 0.0399, which currently supports the price of the coin.

February 14 ADAUSD H4
February 14 ADAUSD H4

At the time of market analysis, Cardano is trading at $ 0.0400. There is a possibility that the price of a cryptoactive asset will continue to grow at least to the level of $ 0.0404 at the pivot level.

From the indicated level it is possible to enter the market with short-term short positions, with targets at $ 0.0398 and $ 0.0391.


At the time of the market review, the IOTA / USD pair is priced at $ 0.2683 with a decrease towards the price low from February 12 at the level of $ 0.2663. Altcoin trades below $ 0.2740 weekly pivot and under the pressure of the moving average EMA30 with a value of $ 0.2730.

The value of the relative strength index is in sales, but the RSI14 line is horizontally directed and tends to turn upwards, which indicates the likelihood of bulls increasing the volume of IOTA purchases with the price breaking off from the local minimum price level.

February 14 IOTAUSD H4
February 14 IOTAUSD H4

Short-term IOTA sales are possible at a price rebound from the trend reversal level of $ 0.2740 with targets of $ 0.2710 and $ 0.2696.

Trading recommendations are not a guide to action. Following the recommendations, you assume the associated risk of loss of funds.


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