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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the course on 17-18 November 2018

Is expected to significantly lower prices on the markets of most major altcoins.


The bulls on the market EOS the previous day failed to regain control of the key support level of $4,7730. Couple quotes under pressure of the increased volume of sales dropped to $4,5110.

In the course of the session, on the market EOS, a decrease in price volatility for the first time since November 13. Daily range of price fluctuations EOS –$4,6305-4,5280.

17 ноября EOSUSD H4
17 Nov EOSUSD 1D

At the time of the review of the market the pair EOS/USD is quoted at $4,6088, at the level of the opening price of day trading.

Values of relative strength index from November 14 to the sales line RSI14 is aimed horizontally at the boundary of the oversold region, which indicates low market activity of the parties at the auction on the EOS.

Given the strong downward trend of scriptactive, are recommended EOS for the likely bounce of the key level of $4,7730 with order $4,6600 and $4,5200.


The price of Stellar is firmly held above the reversal level at $0,2321. After a false break of the support at the level of the pair pivot XLM/USD is trading in the range of $0,2500-0,2350.

Sessional Stellar growth is limited to the dynamic level of the moving average line EMA14 with the current value of $0,2513.

By consuming the accumulation of volumes for the sale of an asset in the range of $0,2513-Stellar 0,2548 buyers will be able to consolidate sufficient volumes for development of the uptrend.

17 ноября XLMUSD 1D
17 Nov XLMUSD 1D

In case of breaking the support level of $0,2321 bears will open the scope for declines at least so the first key support level of $0,2094. Currently, however, such a scenario seems unlikely.

Buying Stellar with the least risk are recommended from local support level of $0,2442 with order $0,2496/$0,2530/$0,2582.


Cardano has direct correlation with the market of bitcoin as the vast majority of major cryptocurrencies. The collapse of the market of the bitcoin November 14 has caused panic sales Cardano.

Low prices pair of ADA/USD was fixed at $0,0582. At the moment scriptactive second trading below the key support level of $0,06182.

17 ноября ADAUSD 1D
17 Nov ADAUSD 1D

Temporary support to prices, buyers have formed at $0,0598. If the support level the bears will open the space to decrease to the level price of $0,0528.

Sale Cardano recommended on the bounce of the key level of $0,06182 with order $0,0582/$0,0550/$0,0528.


The bulls on the market IOTA manages to keep the price of the asset is higher than the second key support level of $0,4000. The price movement and data from technical indicators, indicates the exhaustion of buyers.

17 ноября IOTAUSD 1D

Probably, in the course of the trading session on 18 November the bulls give way to the sellers a key support level.

Sale in a pair of IOTA/USD is recommended after confirming the breakdown level of $0,4000 with order $0,3730/$0,3550/$0,3335.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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