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Fake Phantom Wallet Drains Funds on Apple App Store: Crypto Users Beware!

Fake Phantom Wallet Drains Funds on Apple App Store: Crypto Users Beware!


  • Crypto holders, watch out! A sneaky fake Phantom wallet app is lurking on the Apple App Store, designed to steal your hard-earned crypto. This imposter app cleverly disguises itself as the real Phantom wallet developed by Phantom Technologies Incorporated.
  • Here’s the key giveaway: the fake app can only import existing wallets, it won’t let you create new ones. That’s a huge red flag! If you unsuspectingly enter your seed phrase to access your crypto, you’re handing over the keys to the scammers.
  • Fight back against crypto scams by being super cautious when downloading any crypto wallet app. Here are your crypto security essentials: always verify the developer’s name (the real Phantom wallet is by Phantom Technologies Incorporated).

A fake Phantom wallet app has been discovered on the Apple App Store. This fraudulent app, masquerading as the legitimate Phantom wallet developed by Phantom Technologies Incorporated, is designed to steal users’ crypto holdings.

At first glance, the deceptive app crafted by Meta Voxify AI, called Phantom Wallet, looks strikingly similar to the genuine one. However, there is a vital distinction in how it operates. Unlike the real app, this counterfeit version restricts users from importing their existing wallets and does not offer the option to create new ones.

This serves as a major red flag, as legitimate wallets offer both options. When unsuspecting users enter their seed phrases to access their wallets, they unknowingly grant access to scammers, who then drain their crypto assets.

The App Store reviews for the fake app are flooded with warnings from users who have fallen victim to the scam. Many report significant financial losses after using the app.

Safeguarding Your Crypto: Essential Precautions

Fake Phantom Wallet Drains Funds on Apple App Store: Crypto Users Beware!

In light of this incident, crypto users are urged to exercise extreme caution when downloading crypto wallets. Here are some crucial steps to ensure your crypto security:

  • Verify App Developer: Always double-check the developer’s name before downloading any crypto wallet. In this instance, the real Phantom wallet was developed by Phantom Technologies Incorporated.
  • Read Reviews: Carefully scrutinize app reviews. Watch out for warnings or negative reviews mentioning scams or security issues.
  • Use Official Links: Only download crypto wallets from official websites or verified developer links.
  • Beware of Import-Only Apps: Legitimate wallets allow users to create new wallets, not just import existing ones. Be wary of apps that solely offer import functionality.

By adhering to these safety precautions, cryptocurrency users can greatly diminish the chances of becoming victims of such fraudulent schemes.

Additional Information

The fake Phantom wallet app, despite having poor 1-star reviews, is still live on the App Store in certain regions, including the UK. It appears prominently when searching for “Phantom,” further adding to its deceptive nature.

The app is categorized under “Education” instead of the legitimate app’s “Utilities” category. Furthermore, the fake app’s listing claims to be 17 years old, an obvious falsehood considering it targets cryptocurrencies like Solana and Bitcoin, both significantly younger technologies.

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