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Google enforces new policies, allowing crypto exchanges to advertise for their products and services

Google enforces new policies, allowing crypto exchanges to advertise for their products

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most trending topics of the modern times, as more and more sectors continue to explore the potential of their use. There are several cryptocurrencies that have earned a huge name and reputation for themselves. Cryptocurrencies are being used as a means of transactions or payments, as well as for trading or investing purposes. This shows the increasing usability and fame of crypto all across the globe.

However, with more recognition and acceptance, crypto has become a breeding ground for various exchanges, vendors, service providers, and trading platforms. As the crypto market emerges as an extensive field, it provides various opportunities to the users and consumers. This is why we have evidently seen an increase in discussion about crypto, and crypto-related ads in the past few months.

Advertisements are an integral part of the marketing campaign for any business or sector. Plus, with the increasing digitization, it has been heavily pursued by business owners to reach a wider audience. Similarly, service providers of crypto have also tried to market their products and services in the online world. However, they faced multiple complications, as Google banned advertisements for crypto and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in June 2018. Since then, Google, probably the biggest and most accessed online resource was not publishing any crypto ads on its web pages.


New advertising policies of Google

All of this has changed, as Google recently announce a new set of policies that were applied by the third of August. These policies implied that advertisers and marketeers that offer crypto exchanges and wallet related services can now publish their ads on Google. These updated policies regulated several cryptocurrency service providers. However, ICOs are still not incorporated in these laws.

This move will not only benefit crypto users or exchanges but will also help Google to amass a heavy revenue from the additional sales. Google is a bigger name and it already collects $147 billion in its advertisement revenue. However, this new development will help Google to explore and benefit from another emerging industry.

Google has issued quite strict policies for these advertisements, as they believe it will help them to refrain from the ponzi schemes and other fraudulent activities that are linked to the crypto market. Therefore, each advertiser has to be registered FinCEN, as a business or federal banking organization.

These updated policies also limit the advertisements to link with brokers or signal providers, as they are the main source for any illicit activities. Nonetheless, the news is a major breakthrough for crypto, and if rightly pursued, it can prove to be of sheer importance for the crypto community.

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