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Hackers broke into another cryptocurrency exchange

Another major cryptocurrency exchange fell under the attacks of hackers. This time, the TOP-50 member of the daily volume of operations was hacked, the Singapore cryptocurrency exchange DragonEx (at the time of publication, ranked 31st in the list of leading stock exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap).

According to an official statement from the Telegram trading platform, the attack occurred on March 24, as a result, users' funds and digital assets of the platform itself were stolen from the accounts of the exchange. In this case, the amount of loss is not reported, but the exchange promises to refund the funds to the affected customers.

Some of the funds that the hackers transferred to the Huobi and gate.io exchanges have already been discovered and blocked, DragonEx representatives say, in addition, law enforcement officers from several countries, including Estonia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, are working on finding the criminal.

“We help the police investigate.” All platform services will be closed, accurate information on asset recovery will be announced in a week. DragonEx will take responsibility for the damage caused to users, in any case, ”the site representatives assured.

Today the exchange has published a list of cryptocurrency wallets to which the stolen funds were transferred. In addition to bitcoin wallets, it contains Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), EOS and 6 USDT addresses.

“We sincerely ask for help from our colleagues from the stock exchanges and other representatives of the industry. Please help us investigate the incident, track the funds, freeze them and stop the movement of assets, ”the statement says.


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