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Hackers Hijack YouTube Channels, Use Bill Gates Video To Promote Ponzi Scheme

Hackers have attacked a dozen YouTube channels, changed their names to Microsoft brands and used them to promote a Ponzi scheme.

According to the ZDN report, the hackers are

currently broadcasting a cryptocurrency Ponzi scam to tens of thousands of users, posing as a message from the company’s former CEO Bill Gates.

The tech news site said that hackers may have broken into more than 30 YouTube profiles. The video showed an old Bill Gates discourse which he conveyed a year ago at Village Global, which was controlled to make the feeling that Bill Gates was advancing the trick, when in truth he wasn’t.

The Cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme is at present live on the YouTube accounts utilizing names, for example, Microsoft US, Microsoft Europe, Microsoft News, and others. Spokespersons for Microsoft and YouTube denied that programmers ruptured any of Microsoft’s confirmed authority accounts, albeit a few clients detailed trick streams showing up on non-checked Microsoft accounts.

In any case, most by far of live streams were airing on YouTube channels with high endorser checks, commandeered from YouTube clients and later renamed to show up as authentic Microsoft accounts, trying to intensify the hack and give it a quality of authenticity.

A portion of the Bitcoin ADs to have recorded that the scam had gotten a great many US dollars at the time of the report, proving the trick had tricked probably a few viewers of the channels.

In view of YouTube stream details, several thousands have seen the video takes care of.

Microsoft was by all account not the only association affected by the mass seize and destruction occurrence. The Chaos Computer Club, a popular Germany-based hacking network, has additionally had its record commandeered to communicate a comparative message. The YouTube record of YouTube’s originator was additionally hacked in a similar way in January. Moreover, the Microsoft CEO can’t just mainstream figure to have his name mishandled right now. Numerous past crypto-tricks imitated figures from the digital currency network.

Last week, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse demanded YouTube should crack down on scammers using his name and image to broadcast an XRP-based scam.

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