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“Satoshi Never Used BitcoinTalk,” says Craig Wright

"Satoshi Never Used BitcoinTalk," says Craig Wright

Australian computer scientist and businessman, Craig Wright has said that he, Satoshi, never used Bitcointalk.

This he said in a blog post on his website. He titled the post Satoshi Never Used Bitcointalk.

“It is a myth that all the posts on Bitcointalk ( from my account (Satoshi) are in fact mine and have not been edited or changed and that the login on the website belongs to me. Satoshi (I) never used Bitcointalk. My final post, in fact, links to a domain that does not exist.”

The nChain Chief Scientist proceeds to clarify that the pictures that can be found there are in reality early forms that would proceed to frame the Bitcoin site. He additionally says that the connections there are “harmless.” However, on the off chance that you can need to comprehend the accompanying section you’ll require a compass and an electric lamp to direct you through the word labyrinth:

“It’s funny that nobody talks about it; well, I guess it’s not so funny for them. There are plenty of people who remember the original website. Then again, most of the same people don’t want my version of Bitcoin, and think that they can do better.”

In a really far reaching body of evidence against Craig Wright as Satoshi by, Bitcointalk is talked about inside and out. Satoshi Nakamoto made his keep going post on the discussion in 2011, only half a month prior Craig Wright thought of his first progressive electronic installment framework: PayPal on gold.

In addition, this would be the absolute first time-stepped real hard proof of Craig Wright posting on Bitcointalk on July 28, 2011. However, as per the article, he scarcely realized how to spell ‘Bitcoin’ not to mention depict it:

And what immediately stands out here: Craig had not a freaking clue how to spell the latest hype he just learned about. Within days, he finds almost a handful of ways of how to spell Bitcoin wrongly, while in 2008-2010 Satoshi always spelled Bitcoin correctly on public forums like Metzdowd and Bitcointalk. And now Satoshi would suddenly have lost that ability half a year later? Of course not.

Craig in his defence has said that

The reason is simple: not everyone wanted my version of Bitcoin. Not everything I said remains, and some of it has, subtly, been changed.

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