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Uris — a fundamentally new platform for business financing

Uris is decentralized ecosystem, a non-profit organization created by a group of investors and entrepreneurs that share the common vision of the development of markets.

The mission of the company

Uris, the Swiss non-profit organization that allows entrepreneurs and developers to reach their maximum potential and to share innovations with the rest of the world. The company’s mission — providing tools, guidance and resources necessary for young entrepreneurs to successful development.

The company’s management believes that effective and transparent exchange allows you to create, open, built on the principles of cooperation, prosperous and sustainable future for high-quality startups in a variety of industries around the world. Uris helps entrepreneurs to access cheap and high-quality methods of business financing, and also opens new ways to support businesses and bring them to a profitable level.

Uris WhitePaper describes a fundamentally new platform for accelerating the development of startups, offering real solutions for their problems. The platform also provides for compensation for companies, leading its policy in the direction of openness with the public and usefulness for investors.

Policy Uris

Ecosystem Uris also involves the use of a private token. Model ICO Uris does not imply just a quick collection of funds, the company focused on how to make the token is really useful for holders and investors.

Crowdfunding prototype Uris is already open for users. The use of URIs allows investors to get rid of the divisions, to increase the inflows of funds to promising companies and to make the whole ICO process more transparent and efficient.

Blockchain Uris

Platform Uris directly linked to the blockchain technology that provides several significant benefits, like preserving the full confidentiality of user information and eliminate bureaucratic delays.

Since its inception the main priority platform Uris was easy to use. The developers found the best use of the latest technology, creating a fast, secure, user-friendly and affordable product.

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