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Hackers mine cryptocurrency due to cheaters

Hackers steal around $12.7M in Bitcoin from pNetwork on the Binance Smart Chain

And again the news about the hidden miner, which produces cryptocurrency on the victim's PC without her knowledge. This time, hackers showed ingenuity and set their sights on gamers' computers, because modern games require very powerful hardware.

Yandex has given a sample of a trojan to the Dr.Web specialists on the Node.js software platform, which has been named Trojan.MonsterInstall.

The malware is distributed through sites with cheats for video games. A password-protected archive containing the executable file is located on the user's computer. When it is launched, the necessary cheats are downloaded, and with it the components necessary for the Trojan to work.

After activation, the malware collects information about the system and sends it to the attacker's server. Next, Trojan.MonsterInstall is installed in autoload and starts mining TurploCoin cryptocurrency.


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