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How to buy or sell bitcoin for rubles?

The Russian currency is the sixth most popular for trading digital assets. From this material you will learn about all the ways to translate and withdraw bitcoins into rubles . We will tell you where to buy Bitcoin for rubles and show where to look for the best exchange rate.

Methods of buying and withdrawing Bitcoin to rubles

There are three ways to translate a crypt into the Russian currency and back. The most popular of them is to exchange coins for Fiat and transfer them to a bank card. The disadvantage of this option is the lack of privacy. If you regularly send large amounts to the card, then you run the risk of running into problems with the bank, or attracting the attention of the tax authorities.

Another way to bring Bitcoins into rubles is to use payment systems like WebMoney, QIWI and Yandex Money. This option is suitable for those who regularly use such services. The third way is to change the cryptocurrency for cash. It is the least convenient, but useful to those who value privacy.

How to buy or sell bitcoins for rubles through a bank

If you want to change the crypt through a bank card, you can do it in three ways:

  • on the exchange;
  • in the exchanger;
  • from private sellers.

Exchange is the fastest way to exchange rubles for bitcoins online . Most of these services do not require registration, so you can buy a crypt in the exchange in 10-15 minutes. Almost all exchangers include payment for services in the exchange rate. Step-by-step instructions on how to withdraw bitcoins to rubles through the exchange office can be found here .

Another way to sell or buy bitcoins for Fiat is to withdraw coins through a cryptocurrency exchange. Here are four cryptobirds that accept Russian currency:

  • Exmo,
  • Livecoin
  • YoBit,
  • CEX.io.

These platforms are more complicated than exchangers, and for the withdrawal of funds to the card, account verification is often required. If you are thinking about where to buy bitcoins for rubles without commission , then crypto-bourse is a bad choice. To get coins on a wallet, you have to pay three commissions for:

  • replenishment of the ruble balance;
  • currency exchange;
  • withdrawal of funds.

This makes the exchange uncomfortable and unprofitable. Nevertheless, they have a wide trading functionality and will be a good tool for traders.

If you do not want to work with exchanges, you can change Bitcoin to rubles through private sellers. They place ads for the purchase and sale of Coins on thematic resources. However, it is better to look for traders on the LocalBitcoins platform, or in Telegram trading bots. They act as intermediaries in transactions.

The main advantage of private sellers is the ability to exchange bitcoins from 1000 rubles , or even less. It will interest small traders.

A detailed guide on how to buy a crypt using a bank card is published here .

Where to buy bitcoins for rubles in cash

Finding offers for buying and selling a crypt for cash is more difficult than with a bank transfer. This service is offered by some exchangers and private sellers. You will have to discuss the terms of the transaction in advance and make an appointment. Be careful: buying Bitcoins for rubles in cash carries many risks. When making such transactions, it is easy to stumble upon scammers or robbers. Check the reputation of sellers and do not hold meetings with them in deserted places.

You can buy bitcoins for cash at cryptocurrency ATMs. These devices are currently installed only in several cities of Russia. They charge a commission of 3% to 15%. Some ATMs allow you to sell coins for cash. This is a good option for those who are looking for how to cash Bitcoins into rubles . Detailed instructions for buying Coins for cash published here .

How to exchange rubles for bitcoins through payment services

Buying a crypt through payment services is almost the same as acquiring coins through a bank. You can change coins on the stock exchange, in the exchanger, or contact private traders. When working with exchangers or private traders have to pay a commission payment platform:

  • WebMoney – 0%;
  • QIWI – 0-1% (commission is charged for cross-border payments);
  • Yandex. Money – 0.5%.

For transactions on exchanges, you will have to pay additional fees for account replenishment, currency exchange and withdrawal of funds.

Not all exchange sites conduct transactions through payment services. For example, exchanges and exchangers do not accept payments via WebMoney. This limitation is due to the internal policy of the service. Nevertheless, several exchangers offer the service of displaying coins in the WM Transfer title units.

WebMoney users can buy bitcoins for rubles without intermediaries. You need to create a WMX wallet . WMX is a bitcoin title mark that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency at any time.

Crypto-Ratings recently published detailed materials on how to bring Bitcoins into rubles via WebMoney , QIWI and Yandex.Money .

As you can see, withdrawing bitcoins into rubles is much easier than it seems. When choosing a BTC purchase method, look not only at the rate, but also at other exchange conditions – limits and fees. Using our instructions, you can cheaply buy Bitcoin for rubles .


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