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How was hardwork Bitcoin Cash

Yesterday evening, 15 November, At 21:08 GMT pool added the first block in the Bitcoin blockchain ABC (original BCH). After a quarter of an hour, at 21:22 GMT, the first block in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi’s Vision) were produced by a pool Mempool. This point can be officially considered the emergence of a new blockchain and new cryptocurrencies.

As planned, hardwork was activated at unit No. 556766, its got a pool SVPool. Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) was a continuation of the original chain Bitcoin Cash. It supports Roger Ver, the bulk of the BCH community, the largest developers, as well as mining giant Bitmain.

The new coin, which was the result of a split community, Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) is an alternative chain Craig Wright (who was impersonating Satoshi Nakamoto). It will use the original specs outlined by Satoshi Nakamoto in the bitcoin White Paper. The main difference will be the block size is increased from 32 to 128 MB. On the side BCHSV acts mining giant Coingeek.

But while the situation is not in favor of new coins on the Poloniex exchange rate BCHSV is falling rapidly, and the rate of the original course BCHABC — growing. Hash rate of the network BCHABC also significantly higher than the new cryptocurrency BCHSV.


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