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IBM announced its readiness to collaborate with Facebook in the framework of the Libra project

The American company IBM, which is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software, as well as IT services and consulting services, has stated that it is open for working with Facebook on the Libra stablecoin

Jason Kelly, IBM’s general manager for blockchain services, said the company intends to boost collaboration in this area, noting that “blockchain is a team sport,” CNBC reports. He also emphasized the openness of the company to the idea of cooperation with Facebook: “Our customers are ready to work with Facebook and we, in turn, are ready to work with all of them to combine our efforts.”

IBM has created its own blockchain, which according to the company provides a greater level of "transparency in everything from banking to supply chain management."

Kelly did not say whether the company was interested in joining the Libra Association, although he acknowledged that Facebook could raise the status of the association.

He distanced himself from cryptocurrency, instead focusing on tokenization, which allows you to digitize any assets (for example, fiat currencies or stocks):

“We are starting a conversation about Libra and people say that this is just another cryptocurrency. Forget about cryptocurrency and talk about tokenization, because that's what we mean. ”


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