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Jupiter Asset Management Faces Regulatory Hurdles in Crypto Investment

Jupiter Asset Management Navigates Regulatory Hurdles in Crypto Investments


  • Jupiter Asset Management cancels cryptocurrency investment due to Irish regulations.
  • Regulatory divergence in the EU: Ireland prohibits, while Germany allows exposure to cryptocurrencies.
  • Review of the UCITS assets directive by the European Commission could change the cryptocurrency investment landscape.

Asset management in the world of cryptocurrencies faces divergent regulatory challenges, as recently evidenced by Jupiter Asset Management (JUN).

The London firm, with assets under management in excess of $65.8 billion, was forced to cancel an investment in a cryptocurrency product due to regulatory compliance issues in Ireland, where its Gold & Silver fund is domiciled.

The incident highlights disparities in regulatory approaches within the European Union (EU).

While Ireland prohibits cryptocurrency investments in UCITS funds, Germany allows exposure through products such as cryptocurrency-related exchange-traded notes (ETNs).

This disparity presents a significant challenge for asset management firms that have a presence in multiple European jurisdictions, as they must navigate varying regulatory landscapes and adapt their investment strategies accordingly.

JUN’s decision to initially invest $2.58 million in an XRP-related product during the first half of 2023 exemplifies the complexities involved in navigating these regulatory hurdles.

Jupiter Asset Management Faces Regulatory Hurdles in Crypto Investment

However, the cancellation of this investment resulted in a loss for the fund.

Irish regulators have expressed their opposition to allowing UCITS funds to invest in crypto assets, while in Germany, the stance is more flexible, allowing exposure through specific products.

The Jupiter incident also highlights fund managers growing interest in including crypto assets

While certain funds like DWS Fintech in Germany continue to hold positions in cryptocurrencies, there are restrictions preventing others, such as UCITS funds in the UK, from engaging in such activities.

Additionally, a review of the UCITS Eligible Assets Directive is underway by the European Commission, which could have implications for the types of assets UCITS funds can invest in in the future , including crypto assets.

The Jupiter JUN case illustrates the complexity and challenges associated with investing in cryptocurrencies in the context of European regulation.

As cryptocurrency markets continue to evolve and gain relevance, it is critical for asset managers to understand and adapt to the various regulations at play, while also seeking opportunities to optimize investment portfolios.

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