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McAfee: a new virus encryption extorts cryptocurrency Dash

Experts from the company McAfee warn of a new cipher virus called Anatova. The malware infects computers in the United States, Belgium, Britain, Germany, France and Russia.

Anatova encrypts important files and requires a ransom of 10 DASH. McAfee experts note that the virus completely removes data without the possibility of recovery. The program has a modular structure – this means that hackers can add to it other malicious functions, in addition to encryption.

“We believe that Anatova could become a serious threat, since its code is prepared for modular expansion. This provides the program with the possibility of rapid transformation, allows you to add new tactics of evasion and distribution mechanisms, ”the experts explained.

The McAfee report notes that experienced hackers are behind the creation of the virus. The creators of Anatova used advanced code encryption and unique keys for each malware sample.

Earlier we talked about the virus hAnt . The malicious program attacks ASIC miners Antminer and demands a ransom from the owner of the equipment.


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