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Now you can pay for purchases on Amazon with Bitcoin

Now customers using Bitcoins can use a lightning network to make purchases on the Amazon website.

Moon announced today that any wallet with lightning support can now be used through the Moon browser extension. Prior to this feature, approximately 250 beta users have already used Moon to spend cryptocurrency on e-commerce sites by connecting a browser extension to exchange accounts, such as Coinbase.

Moon CEO Ken Kruger said:

“[Expansion] will highlight the QR code, and it will have a lightning account, which you can also copy and paste, if for some reason you cannot use the QR code, and you can pay your beloved wallet to your favorite.”

For clarity, Amazon itself never touches bitcoins. Kruger declined to indicate which traditional financial institutions are helping to convert Bitcoins into Fiat in the domestic market, so that Amazon merchants actually get Fiat for their goods.

However, Kruger added that by 2020, the lightning-enabled feature should work on virtually any e-commerce site, regardless of whether this platform accepts bitcoins directly.

“There is no direct integration with merchants,” said Kruger, explaining that Moon also manages payment channels and simply offers a simple interface to send payments.

What is the expansion of the moon when placing an order.

Meanwhile, Kruger said that his startup is planning to raise Series A in 2019 and continue studying user behavior.

“There are many opportunities to help usability problems and attract people to the lightning network, thus increasing their acceptance,” said Kruger.

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