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Hackers broke into a crypto currency exchange and staged a “Black Friday”

The happy end with epicfail waited small American cryptocurrency exchange Uphold, after a hacker attack. Unknown, getting access to the mail server of the trading platform, not invented anything better, how to make a “Black Friday” and sent to customers messages about “action” in the form of distribution of bitcoins.

Under the fake “distribution of cryptocurrency” that has long and quite unsuccessfully practiced on Twitter, it was proposed to send the empty wallet from 0.1 to 50 BTC and receive a full refund plus 15% on top. Letters were sent on the evening of the 21st, after 4 hours, the representatives of the exchange have notified users that we are talking about a phishing attack, urging them not to send their money to fraudsters.

“This is an attempt to implement a phishing attack. Do not click on the link that you sent earlier, and certainly not send funds to the address,” wrote the exchange.

Representatives Uphold also recognized that a fraudulent letter was sent to the official address of the exchange, however, assure that employees do not have this incident.

“We are investigating this incident. Users of the platform to Uphold and their own security,” wrote the exchange.

To the scammers wallet received only de transaction totaling about $2 200. However, it is possible that the scammers themselves have made these payments in order to give the “action” more convincing.

Hard to believe that a person or group of people who managed to hack the mail server smart enough to make such a worthless scum-share. Probably access to email exchange was just bought on the darknet.


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