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Russian tax authorities will impose taxes on cryptocurrency

In the framework of the execution of the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who demanded to overcome poverty and support the birth rate, the Russian fiscal authorities will continue to increase fees from the population. And one of the “promising” categories for the introduction of new duties, fiscal authorities consider cryptocurrency.

Thus, according to the head of the Federal Tax Service (FTS), Mikhail Mishustin, despite the incomes of citizens falling for the sixth consecutive year, the state still has reserves to increase tax revenues, despite the fact that the president demanded to fulfill increased social obligations, but prohibited the strengthening of tax revenues. business load.

The Federal Tax Service although to tax the work of electronic money systems, wallets used by young people and freelancers, suggested the head of the Federal Tax Service.

“Money that a young person can freely move across the border using cryptocurrency and other forms of payment, and which the state does not notice, is dangerous. This must be done , "- quotes the official rg.ru

Also, they want to find additional tax revenues from the aggregators, all those who work on the Internet, earn money and help others to do it. At such sites, transactions are made directly between the seller of the goods or services and the buyer.

“There should also be a state there,” said the head of the Federal Tax Service.

Another source of filling the treasury will be a direct tax on personal income (PIT), namely the withdrawal of wages from the shadows, without a rate increase of 13%. We are talking about employers who pay "their 15 thousand (rubles), just above the minimum wage, and we know that the envelope is given." By such employers, law enforcement officers are hurt in connection with tax evasion. ”


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