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Smart Dubai supports the Blockchain platform with a large local carrier

The blockchain platform, created by one of two UAE telecom operators, received official approval from the government as part of blockchain integration in the country, executives confirmed in a press release on April 3.

Du, formerly officially known as Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, created his Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaas) to offer cloud-based private blockchain hosting, compatible with both Ethereum (ETH) and Hyperledger Fabric.

The platform has now received a stamp of approval from Smart Dubai, a government organization responsible for transforming state-level services using breakthrough technologies by 2021.

“The Dubai blockchain program is an integral strategy for the future of the city, and we are proud to be a key factor in digitizing the government,” said du's deputy general director for corporate solutions du Farid Faraidouni in a press release.

So he added:

“Relying on our BPaaS to support the digital transformation of the country, our support for the blockchain office at Smart Dubai is an important step towards providing smart solutions that increase the efficiency of government transactions until 2021.”

The announcement came the same week when a special conference was held in the UAE on the role of the blockchain in the aviation industry. Last month, at a similar conference, the cryptocurrency was considered more directly, and the authorities hinted at the need for supportive regulation of this phenomenon.

Smart Dubai, meanwhile, is also seeking to achieve achievements such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), as part of its roadmap.

“The city of Dubai is the blockchain pioneer from the very beginning and continues to be the world leader in providing new and improved ways to implement and define the future roadmap for the development of this innovative technology,” added Smart Dubai CEO Libe Lutach.

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