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Starknet Foundation Awards Contributors with 50 Million STRK Tokens

Starknet: Distribution of 50 Million STRK Tokens to the Community

Starknet Foundation has revealed its commitment to reward initial contributors to its crypto ecosystem with 50 million STRK tokens that have not yet been unlocked.

This initiative is part of the Early Community Member Program, a structured and ambitious initiative aimed at empowering and supporting the community that drives the progress of the Starknet network.

Starknet Foundation Awards Contributors with 50 Million STRK Tokens

StarkNet is a Layer 2 blockchain platform that operates on top of Ethereum and uses ZK-Rollup technology to deliver scalability and improved performance. It enables the execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) more efficiently and economically by leveraging the security of the Ethereum chain.

StarkNet aims to improve the processing capacity of Ethereum and reduce transaction fees, thus providing a promising solution for the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

And at the heart of every vibrant developer ecosystem are contributors, the passionate minds who drive innovation, build tools, and lay the foundation for growth.

The Starknet Foundation recognizes the crucial role played by the community and seeks to highlight the unsung heroes who have invested their time and skills to shape Starknet’s journey. Commented by the blockchain journalist, Wu, the company sent a very interesting announcement.

This program is not just about lines of code, but about each individual playing a role in advancing its ecosystem.

Starknet Foundation has reserved 50 million STRK tokens for this initiative, which will be distributed to individuals who have actively contributed to the project.

Process for the Starknet Program in Two Phases

In the first phase, categories such as technical contributions, featured contributors to key projects, event organizers, and those who regularly publish content related to the project will be considered.

The evaluation will be based on four essential criteria: scope/impact, importance, effort and originality. The program will then be evaluated and additional criteria could be introduced in a second phase. The team committee is expected to make decisions based on these criteria to select recipients.

This program is developed in compliance with legal and geographic restrictions, and participation by persons subject to sanctions or from certain sanctioned jurisdictions will not be permitted.

Starknet Foundation is open to community feedback on this innovative program, and a space has been created for community members to share their opinions and questions.

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