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The leader of the Swiss kriptonyte: the next wave of cryptocurrency will be stabilini and security tokens

Lucius Master scientist and economist, co-founder of Bitcoin Association Switzerland, and active figure in the local kriptonyte, a member of the Board of Directors of crypto-based asset management and brokerage firms Bitcoin Suisse. AG.

With regard to medium-term future of cryptocurrency, Masser said that he expects the sector primary supply of coins (ICO) will suffer a significant change, noting that until now, the ICO investors had little rights.

Requirements to their protection became more serious, Masser predicted that security tokens can expect, is much more tightly regulated market wave ICO.

Also Masser allocated stabilini and compared them with securities or something else more serious, generally designating them an important pillar in the future of kryptonyte and blockchain, stating:

“Stabilini is a prerequisite for companies to make their capital in the blockchain, because they issue bonds or shares and want to do it without involving US dollar, Euro or Swiss franc”.

In other comments, Masser noted that Swiss banks are still not willing to take risks and thus, try not to get involved with cryptocurrency. He talked about several mechanisms, which can use for local businesses and startups to bypass Bank bureaucracy in the country.

It is noteworthy that the views Massera shared by the founders of the cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who recently stated that they consider stabilini and licenzirovanie securities an important stage of development for digital currencies.


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