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The head of Kraken crypto currency exchange requests of investors to withdraw funds on hardware wallets

Founder and CEO of the American crypto currency exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell after recent hacker attacks on the platform Cryptopia turned to kriptosistem with a proposal to take their savings shopping sites and store them on hardware of cryptocurrency wallets.

A proposal by the head of a trading platform posted on his page in Twitter.

“Please do not store it on the exchange, including Kraken, more coins than you need for trading. Use a Ledger or best wallet. Decentralized exchange is not a panacea, at least remember hacking DAO. Use open source only means that vulnerabilities will be detected faster, and find that they are likely bad guys,” writes the head of the Kraken.

According to the CEO of Kraken, the above-mentioned hardware cryptomodule will protect the funds of traders from theft, as the coins are stored offline.

Characteristically, Jesse Powell published his post after the CEO of crypto currency exchange Binance, Chanpen Zhao invited the traders to move their tokens on the most reliable trading platform.

Earlier it was reported that part of the stolen cryptocurrency from Cryptopia “floated” on Binance, while the transfer of funds is not tracked by exchange specialists, and users.


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