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The manufacturer of EOS-units reported $ 3 billion FUD transactions after a failure

The Blockchain EOS (EOS) protocol dismissed anxiety over a recent transaction that would hypothetically cost over $ 3 trillion.

As the Whale Alert found out, a Twitter account that tracks large transactions in cryptocurrency chains, an EOS user named “f *** hacker.x” managed to create a transaction for 1 trillion EOS tokens ($ 3.61 trillion).

The transaction, which ultimately failed due to the fact that its size far exceeded the total turnover of EOS, was initially of concern. According to CoinMarketCap, at the time of publication, EOS was trading at a price of about $ 3.61, and the total market capitalization was about $ 3.2 billion.

However, the manufacturer of the EOS blocks, “EOS New York”, said that the transaction used a protocol function, known as a pending transaction, which allowed for a transaction to be larger than possible.

“Trx, which creates a deferred trx, can only determine whether the creation request was successfully sent or failed. After the broadcast, it goes through the usual plausibility checks, ”explained EOS New York, noting that Whale Alert“ reported the FUD news. ”

A brief description of the transaction confirms that it has not received confirmation, while the motive of its creator remains a mystery.

In recent months, EOS has encountered rare difficulties. In February, the failure of consensus among 21 block makers allowed the hacker to move 2.9 million tokens that should have been blacklisted.

Criticism also arose over the EOS management system, which commentators claim is not sufficiently decentralized as a result of a scandal in November last year with reversed transactions.

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