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The State Duma will consider two bills related to digital assets and ICO

Already in the second reading, a bill on digital financial assets may be passed. Adoption of the bill is expected in the next 14 days.

"We had a meeting last week … In general, we agreed, now the final text, everyone is watching it … All decisions have been made there, now we are looking at the text, and within two weeks, I hope, we will come out for adoption in the second reading," Moiseev .

Moiseev also pointed out that a bill related to the ICO could be passed. He has the title “On alternative ways of attracting investments (crowdfunding)”.

“There will be two laws: the crowdfunding law, including the ICO, and the law on digital financial assets, which will be in the form approximately as it is now prepared for the second reading,” said Moses.

Moses also added that the taxation of cryptocurrency activities has not yet been discussed.

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