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This week will be crucial hardwork Ethereum

This week (presumably Wednesday) 7 080 000, Ethereum will be introduced an important and long-awaited update called Constantinople. Hardwork, which was originally planned by the developers to November 2018, contains some changes and code optimizations, including a transfer for 18 months “bomb complexity”, and also implies a reduction of awards to miners from 3 to 2 ETH for the extracted block.

Despite some controversy around the reduction of the remuneration of the miners leading mining pools supported this update. In this regard, the developers expect the network upgrade will take place without any serious problems.

Among other things, the upgrade of the network includes the reduction of gas consumption for smart contracts, improved scaling and oncein-the deployment of smart contracts. Many of the decisions in the hard forks Constantinople aimed at facilitating the development of smart contracts and the optimization of certain operations within the code base Ethereum.

However, some experts expressed concern with the reduction of the remuneration of the miners, fearing reduction of Hasrat (due to the departure or shift of miners on altcoins) and growth attack risk 51% on the Ethereum network.

Other developers also expressed concerns about possible problems with the algorithm of consensus. So, Taylor Monaghan of MyCrypto said that her greatest concern is that the upcoming capacity upgrade can use the scammers, who want to fraudulently take possession of the coins of other users.


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