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Token MobileGO: reviews traders

Cryptocurrency market shakes. Someone already threw the auction and brought in all Fiat, who just “hoglet” in the hope for the future. After the hype of the end of 2017 the money go on the market, seem ridiculous. In fact, even in the flat and fall you can earn. For example, MobileGO is a very promising token, one of the few which is still possible to make several “x’s”.

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The token is a very good field of application: the market of computer and mobile entertainment. This industry which have been showing explosive growth and is not going to stop. Is it any wonder that MobileGO to grow where the rest of the market go down? In addition, the concept of the token finds the approval and positive feedback on MobileGO from the players.

MobileGO can be found under the symbol MGO. The token is traded on dozens of different exchanges, but in fact, enough amount for the trading offer only two of them: Digifinex and BCEX. There is a little bit on Ethfinex and Bitforex. Officially the trading pair at the MGO enough: bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, WAVES. In fact only a token change to BTC, ETH and USD.

Output the token on the exchange

On exchanges MGO came in the summer of 2017 and traded about 0.59 USD. Now (15 November 2018) the price is 0,675712 dollars. How many of the last year came out of the projects and how many of them are trading higher initial cost? Needless to say, the lion’s share of tokens sold at a price lower than during krautsalat. Just their product stood. MGO is a different story.

MGO is a token to HODL

Go directly to trading and profits. MGO is a token to HODL. In other words, it is necessary to take the portfolio under a long-term investment. Why? Look at the dynamics. In trading on GDP growth for the year – 157% increase for the month – 236%. In the short term it decreases, on the order of 11% for the week. After a winter takeoff the token, we experienced a significant course correction. In the current market conditions this is normal. There is a classic pump and dump. At lower levels all who wanted, have already bought.

What are the prospects? The developers of the token is now engaged in a new project, which will be integrated MGO. In addition, they talk about the cooperation with several leading IT companies. From the product — no worries. From the market — the token varies only slightly. However, the price can take off at any second. The potential for MGO, as shown, is huge. Most likely, this will happen after airdrop from the developers, which will be held in November this year. It is also worth to keep an eye on such news and on the official MGO website.


What is the result? MobileGO is a great token with good prospects for the future. I really wouldn’t be surprised if in six months the price breaks out the level of one dollar.

What you have formed an opinion about the token? Share your opinion about MobileGO.

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