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TON Foundation Launches Open League: $115 Million in TON Prizes to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Adoption on Telegram

TON Foundation Launches Open League: $115 Million in TON Prizes to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Adoption on Telegram


  • April 1 marks the start of the Open League’s first full season, with $115 million in TON prize money.
  • The initiative seeks to involve the Telegram community in the Web3 ecosystem, offering significant rewards.
  • Accessibility, fun, and rewards are emphasized as key drivers for the adoption and growth of the TON cryptocurrency.

The TON Foundation has announced an exciting initiative that promises to transform the way the Telegram community interacts with the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With the start of the first full Open League season on April 1, a total of $115 million in TON prize money has been put up for grabs, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the cryptocurrency.

The Open League is presented as a unique opportunity to involve the more than 900 million monthly active Telegram users in the world of Web3.

By offering a variety of attractive prizes and rewards, the initiative seeks to make participation in TON-based projects accessible and exciting for users of all levels of cryptocurrency experience.

TON Foundation launches Open League: $115 million in TON prizes to revolutionize cryptocurrency adoption on Telegram

The most notable thing about the TON Foundation Open League is its focus on accessibility and fun

Instead of overwhelming participants with complex technical concepts, the initiative focuses on making the experience of interacting with cryptocurrencies easy, entertaining and rewarding.

This is reflected in the variety of activities that users can perform to earn rewards, from completing simple missions to participating in improving liquidity in pools.

In addition to offering cash prizes, the Open League also aims to foster growth and innovation within the TON ecosystem.

Participating projects have the opportunity to gain autonomy over how to use their profits for the development and expansion of their projects, which can result in greater diversity and dynamism in the network.

The success of the Open League to date, including a successful pilot season that saw a significant increase in the number of active users and total value locked on the TON DEX, suggests a promising future for cryptocurrency adoption on Telegram and beyond. there.

With a focus on accessibility, fun and rewards, the Open League is poised to become a major catalyst for the growth and expansion of the TON ecosystem in the coming months and years.

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