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"Vkontakte" stopped mining virtual currency VK Coin

Exactly at midnight (Moscow time) on April 11, the Russian social network VKontakte stopped the so-called virtual currency mining VK Coin in the same clicker game. According to the managing director of the social network, Andrei Rogozov, the current capitalization is 2.8 trillion "coins" – users have accumulated as many coins.

In just 10 days since the launch of the game, the VK Coin audience reached 10 million users. At peak times, 1.1 million people were simultaneously engaged in mining the domestic currency of VK Coin, which is significantly more than in Dota 2 or CS GO online games.

VKontakte did not give a clear explanation of the sudden closure of mining VK Coin, calling it the end of the “first stage”. However, the virtual coin, which has become so popular among users of the social network, remains in “turnover” – now the holders of VK-Coins will be able to transfer coins to friends or acquaintances, as well as spend them on bonuses of social network partners. While promotional codes are available only from the Delivery Club and ivi, but they plan to add other offers to the service.

As explained in VKontakte, in the second stage of VK Coin, the top richest players and communities will be consolidated and turned into “a kind of honor panel”.

But the most interesting thing is that already this week, the developers plan to add to the application the ability for external projects to work with the translation of "coins", turning virtual in-game coins into a kind of cryptocurrency.

“The open API will allow the integration of payment“ coins ”into third-party applications or websites,” the social network said.

Recall the social network VKontakte launched VK Coin on April 1. In less than 10 days, social network users organized the purchase and sale of "coins" for fiat currency. It turned out that some players were buying up millions of coins, getting into the tops of ratings, while others were making money on it. At the same time, the head of VK Coin, Ivan Gusev, stated that the social network does not intend to restrict users in the ways of earning Coin.


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