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How to buy bitcoin with payment by credit card: step by step instructions

Bank cards used by more than 80% of Russians, so they remain the most popular way to purchase the cryptocurrency. If you want to buy bitcoin through a Bank, then this material will be useful for you. We will tell you about all the ways to Fund bitcoin wallet with Bank cards and choose the best course.

Ways to buy bitcoin with a Bank card

The easiest way to buy bitcoin card to change rubles to BTC exchanger. Most of these services do not require you to register and verify the account, so the exchange occurs within 10-15 minutes.

The average exchange rate in the exchange office exceeds the market average by 2-3%. Usually, companies include the exchange fee in the price of the cryptocurrency. This means that you pay only the transfer fee to the exchanger.

Another way to buy bitcoin via Bank — to use a cryptocurrency exchange. There are several trading platforms that accept payment in rubles:

  • Exmo,
  • Livecoin,
  • YoBit,
  • CEX.io.

The average rate on these exchanges exceeds the market average of 4-5%. When working with a crypto currency exchange you have to pay three fees:

  • for the replenishment rubles;
  • currency exchange;
  • the withdrawal of BTC from the platform.

However, the exchanges allow to create a trade order to buy Bitcoin with a Bank card at a given price. In addition, these sites will be convenient for capturadora who make a trade of digital currencies.

You can buy coins from private sellers. As a rule, professional traders or ordinary people who want to bring the cryptocurrency into Fiat. You can find such offers on the trading platform LocalBitcoins, or Telegram-bot BTC Banker. They act as middlemen when buying bitcoin through a Bank and guarantee the integrity of the transaction. The main advantage of this method is the ability to change small amounts.

Also, find ads about selling coins on cryptoform or in thematic groups in social networks. Use of such ads is not recommended, as most of them create the crooks.

As a rule, does not matter which Bank issued the card, although this factor may affect the size of the Commission fee for the transfer of funds. You will easily be able to buy bitcoin through Alfa Bank or any other banking institution.

How to buy bitcoins for rubles a map through the exchanger

For starters, you need to select the service for the exchange of rubles for coin. In addition to the exchange rate, it’s worth looking at the following criteria:

  • size of crypto-currency reserve;
  • freezing the rate at the time of execution of the application;
  • the reputation of the company.

When buying bitcoins through a Bank, pay attention to feedback about the exchanger. Also worth checking how long the company operates.

Most of the offices have the same structure. To buy coins, you need to choose the currency pair to the main page.

The service will redirect you to the page of the exchange. Complete the exchange application form and confirm the operation.

The exchanger will provide transfer details and send coin to the specified crypto after receipt of payment.

How to buy Bitcoin with a credit card on the exchange

When you select the exchange should look at the amount of the fees when the balance is replenished, the exchange of rubles for the crypt and withdrawals. We will show you how to buy bitcoin through a Bank for example the exchange Exmo.

Sign up on the platform and go through the verification of the account. Account verification is a prerequisite to replenish the balance of a Bank card Visa and Mastercard.

Go to “Wallet” to Fund fiaty balance. Click on “add” in front of the Ticker bar.

Enter Visa and Mastercard among the available payment methods. The fee for top-UPS will amount to 4.45%.

When the rubles will be credited to the balance, redeem them for cash. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin with a Bank card — to change the coin in the inner switcheroo exchange under “the Exchange.” Choose a pair of RUB-BTC and write the required amount. Sales tax the exchange will be 0.2%.

To withdraw bitcoins from the exchange, go back to section and click “Withdraw” next to the Ticker symbol BTC.

Enter the desired amount and address cryptocurrency wallet. The fee for this operation will amount of 0.0005 BTC.

How to buy bitcoin with a Bank card from a private seller

When you purchase coins “with hands”, you should start with bots, as these services do not require the creation and confirmation of accounts. We’ll show you how to change rubles for PPC to BTC trading bot Banker.

Find BTC Banker in the app Telegram. Beware: fraudsters often create copies of the trading bots. Make sure that you are on the channel the bot, not on the usual Telegram channel.

Click the “Buy” button in the main menu of the bot.

Below appears a list of payment options. Will try to buy bitcoin through Tinkoff Bank.

You will see a list of sellers and their offers. The first digit represents the exchange rate, and the numbers in parentheses are the minimum and maximum amount of the transaction. Search for verified traders who have 1000 positive reviews.

Select the salesperson and click on “Begin transaction”. Write the desired number of bitcoins and the trader will send payment details.

After creating the application, the bot reserves the required amount on the balance sheet of the seller. This means that he will not be able to cheat you and run away with the money after payment is received.

When you translate the money, the seller sends the bitcoin to your wallet BTC Banker. You can withdraw the coins to another address under “Purse”. Payment for the cryptocurrency amount of 0.0002 BTC.

If you can not find the required quotation in the Telegram, go to LocalBitcoins. This is one of the most popular platforms where you can buy bitcoins for rubles card.

Before you trade on LocalBitcoins, it is recommended to verify account. This will save you from accidental freezing of funds in cryptocurrency.

To find sellers, specify the following settings in the section “Quick purchase”:

  • currency — RUB;
  • country — Russian Federation;
  • method of payment — transfer through a specific Bank.

Will appear below the list of sellers. To the right of the nickname of the merchant is information about the number of the performed transactions and the percentage of good reviews, conditions of exchange, the rate and limits.

Click on the name of the trader to access their profile. At the bottom of this page you will find sellers listings. Select one and click “Buy”.

Carefully read the working conditions of trader. To buy bitcoin with a Bank card, enter the amount and click “Send request”. The platform will reserve cryptocurrency wallet of the seller until payment is received.

After the transfer of money to the card trader, go back to LocalBitcoins and click “I paid”. Bought with bitcoin will appear on the inside of the wallet platform. You can withdraw them to another address by using the tab “Wallet”.

The withdrawal of coins will have to pay of 0.00005 BTC. Coins appear in your wallet within the hour.

On the platform LocalBitcoins, you can create your ad to purchase bitcoins and assign the purchase price of the crypt. In this case you will have to pay an additional fee which will amount 1% of transaction value.

Where is more profitable to Fund bitcoin with credit card

Calculate how much worth the purchase of coins with these methods taking into account the Bank commissions and trading platforms. Buying coin to the amount of ₽10 thousand at the exchange rate on 17.01.19, you could get:

  • at the market rate — ~ 0,0413 BTC;
  • in the online switcheroo — ~ 0,0389 BTC (-6,17%);
  • on the crypto currency exchange — ~ 0,0373 BTC (-10,72%);
  • on LocalBitcoins — ~ 0,0397 BTC (-4,03%);
  • shopping bot — ~ 0,0391 BTC (-5,63%).

A simple calculation shows that to Fund bitcoin wallet with Bank card is best through private sellers in the Telegram and on LocalBitcoins. They offer a good rate and take a relatively small Commission for their services.

Exchangers are not as beneficial, but they can be very fast to acquire coin. To buy bitcoin in the Bank through the exchanger is 10-15 minutes. The crypto currency exchange sets high fees, so the total price of the cryptocurrency are higher than on other platforms. Nevertheless, they remain an invaluable tool for professional traders who make a trade of digital currencies.

It was the stuff about how to Fund bitcoin with credit card. Using this guide, you can easily buy Bitcoin with Bank card of any Bank of the Russian Federation.


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