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XRP, BCH, LTC, Dash: technical analysis and forecast of the course on 22-23 December 2018

Markets altcoins in the short term will be dominated by bearish sentiment.


At the time of the review of the market the pair XRP/USD is quoted at $0,3660. During the current trading session the bulls have confirmed the price support Ripple at $0,3600. Support level increases, the moving average EMA200.

Short course XRP remains to the upside in a corrective phase. The potential for the development of the upward course of bitcoin bulls will remain, holding the marginal level of support in the correctional model of the current rate of$0,3600.

22 декабря XRPUSD H4
22 Dec XRPUSD H4

The bears have greatly increased the pressure Ripple and strengthened their positions from a technical point of view. The breakdown of the support line of the price adjustment 14.8% of the sellers will open scriptactive scope for reducing prices and achieving immediate goals price of $0,3310 on the correction level of 9.0%.

High probability of a bearish scenario the market situation indicated by the data of relative strength index: the index values in sales line RSI7 is below the moving average values of EMA14.

Given the increasing bearish market trends Ripple, it is recommended the short sale of scriptactive on the price breaks the support level of $0,3600 with order $0,3510 and $0,3400.


As of 17:00 GMT 22 Dec Cash Bitcoin is quoted at $186,00. Correctional decrease in quotations BCH/USD during the U.S. trading period recorded the local minimum price at $171,35.

Buyers of bitcoin has formed a temporary support to prices at around $180,00. Morning test bulls resistance sales marked level, above which the bears are willing to sell Bitcoin for Cash in large volumes.

22 декабря BCHUSD H4
22 Dec BCHUSD H4

Thus, on short-term market BCH has formed a price range of $200,00 180,00 to. Breakout one of the boundaries of the range will determine the further development of the course of bitcoin.

Greater probability of the bearish scenario the market situation. This assumption reinforces the data of technical indicators: indicator values RSI7 below EMA14 line, the line of indicators pointing down at the intersection of the neutral level.

Recommended short selling Bitcoin for Cash at the break down of the price level of $180,00 with order $171,50 $146,00


Temporary support to the price of litecoin had received on December 21 at the local level $30,70. The upper limit of the current trading range is defined on the line of the moving average EMA200 with the current value of $32,00, above which the bears concentrate a significant amount on the sale of scriptactive.

The main sales resistance that the bulls need to overcome for the development of the current uptrend is at the level of the price adjustment to 23.6% with the value on the price scale $33,60.

22 декабря LTCUSD H4
22 Dec LTCUSD H4

These technical indicators indicate the probability of breakdown at the local level of support, the prices of LTC/USD. It is expected that the support will be formed in the region at $29,50.

Possible sale of litecoin on the bounce of the price from the dynamic resistance level of $32.00 targets $30,70 $29,80.


At the time of the review of the market the pair DASH/USD is quoted at $84,20 with the decline of quotations in the direction of the support level that formed along the line of the price adjustment of 14.8% ($82,00)

Resistance session growth of quotations of scriptactive bears formed the dynamic level of the moving average line with a current value of $86,86.

22 декабря DASHUSD H4

Indicator values relative strength in sales and pressure values integrated into the chart RSI7 EMA14 trend indicator that indicates a situational advantage sellers.

Sale Dash with the least risk possible on the bounce of the price from $86,86 with order $84,00/$82,00/$78,40.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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