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XRP, BCH, LTC, Dash: technical analysis and forecast of the course on 28 and 29 December 2018

Unexpected price surge in cryptocurrency markets 28 Dec signals the probable end of the correction in a two-week bullish trend.


At the time of the review market Ripple listed for $0,3870. At the peak of the European trading session strong increasing momentum price broke the resistance level sales reversal of the upward two-week trend $0,3590.

Sessional maximum prices pair XRP/USD was fixed at $0,3942. At the moment the price of scriptactive corrected after a sharp rise.

28 декабря XRPUSD H4
28 Dec XRPUSD H4

It is expected that the corrective decline of the pair XRP/USD will be limited to the dynamic level of support from the moving average EMA200 prices are $0,3690.

Market advantage the Ripple is now on the side of the bulls, which confirm the data of the relative strength index. RSI14 value in the purchase line indicator directed upwards.

Buy Ripple are recommended for the bounce of the price from the support level #0,3690 with order $0,3845 and $0,4020.


Short-term wave of growth has affected the Bitcoin market Cash. On the upside momentum price of the cryptocurrency has broken the resistance at the pivot of $168,90.

With the development of short-term growth BCH/USD, the pair may find resistance at the dynamic level, with a current value of $182,20.

28 декабря BCHUSD H4
28 Dec BCHUSD H4

Given the strong growth of quotations of the indicated levels a possible short retracement. It is expected that support for scriptactive buyers will form at the level of the medium-term trend reversal $168,90.

Sale BCH/USD with short stops are possible on the rebound rates from the level of $182,20 and targets for open positions – $of 169.00 and $160,00.


The rapid rally of the pair LTC/USD on 28 December allowed to recover losses of the previous two losing sessions. Daily high price of litecoin is fixed at the first key resistance level of $32,70.

At the time of market survey of LTC/USD is quoted at $of 34.10 with a reduction in the local maximum price. It is expected that support bitcoin buyers will form not below $32,60.

28 декабря LTCUSD H4
28 Dec LTCUSD H4

These technical indicators indicate strong support of litecoin.

The current price of LTC/USD above the moving average EMA200 and the indicator line increases the support level of a trend reversal. RSI14 value in sales and the indicator line is pointing up to the border with the area of overbought.

Short-term buy litecoin with short stops and targets $33,50 $35,10 recommended after the correction from $32,70.


From the technical point of view, the Dash has the weakest position among the largest cryptocurrency. However, in the Wake of short-term growth, the pair DASH/USD has broken the resistance level sales trend reversal $83,37 and at the moment the bears are trying to gain a foothold above this mark.

28 декабря DASHUSD H4

In that case, if the quotes of currency pair will move to the local maximum price of $85,13 and falls below pivot, we should expect further reduction in the price of scriptactive, at least to the level of $79,60 on the local level of support.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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