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XRP, BCH, LTC, Dash: technical analysis and forecast of the course on 8 and 9 January 2019

In most markets the largest altcoins prices have stabilized in the medium to the horizontal channels.


C 28 Dec Ripple is trading in a horizontal channel with boundaries at the levels of $0,3898 and $0,3570. In the short term, the pair XRP/USD is limited to the range of $0,3855-0,3710, where the lower boundary represents the line of the moving average EMA200.

At the time of the review market Ripple to the United States dollar is trading at $0,3746 above the level of a trend reversal with the mark on the price scale, the four-hour schedule – $0,3733.

These technical indicators point to the advantage of buyers of scriptactive. Values of relative strength index from January 6, is retained in the purchasing area, the pair is trading above pivot support at EMA200.

8 января XRPUSD H4

Currently, however, the line RSI14 has a tendency to turn down at the intersection of the neutral line, which indicates the likelihood of declines in the XRP/USD within the boundaries of the price channel older.

The downside Stellar towards the first key support level of $0,3570 will be the breakout of the next support level of $0,3710.

Sale in a pair XRP/USD, with the least risk, is recommended only after confirmation of the break of the support prices in line with the objectives EMA200 $0,3660 and $0,3600.


3 Jan Cash Bitcoin is trading mostly in the price range of $163,00-156,20. At the time of the review of the market the pair BCH/USD is quoted at $159,50 below the weekly pivot at $161,50.

Next support to the price of the cryptocurrency bulls formed in a narrow range of $157,60-156,20. A break out of support the bears will open the technical capability to achieve in short term goals on the first key level of $150.00.

8 января BCHUSD H4

At the moment buyers BCH intensified, as indicated by the price movement data of the index relative strength. RSI14 value in sales, but the line indicator directed upwards crossing the 50 level.

Given changes in the market Bitcoin Cash in the short trading period, it is expected that the bulls will test the resistance of the sales reversal level trend $161,50.

The short bitcoins Cash with the least risk are recommended on the bounce of the price from the mentioned above level with targets of $159,00 $156,00. To protect the open short positions should be orders are not below the session high of $162,80.


C 4 Jan litecoin was trading with a growth of quotations on the background of increased demand. For four days the pair LTC/USD added to the price of 32% versus its value of $32,00. In this session recorded pyatidesyatidnevny maximum price of litecoin at $of 42.22.

The analysis of the four-hour chart LTC/USD shows that the large volume sales bears formed above the key resistance level of $41,50.

The second attempt of the buyers to break the resistance of the sales at the indicated level also did not reach the goal, which in turn strengthens the position of sellers and could be the trigger for increasing volumes of open short positions.

8 января LTCUSD H4

Formed a bearish divergence on the four-hour chart LTC/USD with a RSI14 indicator indicates the likelihood of a deeper correction four-day wave of growth.

It is expected that in the case of breakdown of the support price at $38,90 lower limit of correction will be formed at the level of a trend reversal $37,40.


On January 7, Dash traded with a decline of quotations from the key resistance level of $of 85.70. At the time of the market review the bears are “pushing” the price support at the level of the pivot of $82,10 and opened the space to advance to the nearest target at the key support level of $78,60.

8 января DASHUSD H4

Pressure on the price of the Dash has a moving average EMA200. The value of the index relative strength in sales and the line RSI14 is pointing down. In total, these technical indicators point to a decrease in quotations pair DASH/USD.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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