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XRP, BCH, LTC, Dash: technical analysis and forecast rate on 12-13 December 2018

During the current session marked the revival of the buyers in the markets altcoins. Levels from session highs in the prices of cryptocurrencies possible short sales.


During the current trading price Ripple has broken the resistance at $0,3075 and recorded a session high at $0,3180.

From the four-hour chart the pair XRP/USD it is obvious that in the price range of $$0,3180-0,3270 sellers has consolidated significant amounts on the sale of scriptactive. How high their density, will demonstrate the testing of resistance, which is unlikely but possible to the end of the day.

12 декабря XRPUSD H4
12 Dec XRPUSD H4

It should be noted that the resistance of the upper border of the range is reinforced moving average EMA60.

At the same time on the four-hour chart Ripple with RSI14 indicator formed a bearish divergence. Divergence points to the likelihood of a rollback of quotations from the level of the session high price.

It is expected that a temporary support level, buyers will have at the local level $0,3076.

Sale recommended Ripple from the current price level of $0,3150 with order $0,3076 and $0,3020. So as not to be excluded about puncture resistance sellers at $0,3180, on the bounce of the key level of $0,3270 possible the enlargement of those already opened short positions.


On the background of session’s surge of activity of buyers in the largest markets of cryptocurrencies bulls in the Bitcoin market Cash also received additional support during today’s trading price BCH tested the psychological level of $100.00.

In turn, the bearish resistance testing showed that above $98,00 sellers have accumulated a large volume of bitcoins for Cash.

12 декабря BCHUSD H4
12 Dec BCHUSD H4

At the time the Obor market pair BCH/USD is trading at $97,20 and there is a high probability that the pair will reach $of 95.30 before the end of the current session.

Short-term lowering of the signals on the four-hour chart of the pair increase indicator data RSI14: values of relative strength index does not go beyond sales, the RSI line turns down from level 40.

Recommended selling Bitcoin for Cash from the price level of $98,80 with order $97,00/$of 96.50/$94,00.


Since the opening of the trading session on 12 December, the ten largest cryptocurrency, litecoin shows the best results-session growth of quotations with the current value of 7.1%.

At the time of analysis of the market the pair LTC/USD is trading at $25,45. Sessional maximum prices were recorded at $25,89.

12 декабря LTCUSD H4
12 Dec LTCUSD H4

The bears have formed a resistance at the dynamic level line moving average EMA30 with the current value of $25,48.

At the moment, the bulls can’t absorb the volume of sales above the marked price. Are recommended in the pair LTC/USD current price with targets $24,60/$of 23.90/$23,40.


The session the pair DASH/USD at the time of the review market is of 2.98% against the opening price of the day $62,00. The pair is trading at $65,70 not dabira 18 points for the first test of the resistance bears to the dynamic level of $67,50.

From the four-hour schedule DASH/USD it is obvious that the growth momentum of the pair dies, and formation of the bearish divergence on the chart with the RSI14 indicator indicates a high probability of rollback of quotations from a session high price of $66,25.

12 декабря DASHUSD H4

The expected reduction in prices at least until the key support level of $61,20.

Short selling of the Dash are the price breakout from the resistance level of $67,50 with the objectives of the support levels of $63,70 and $61,20.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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