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XRP, BCH, LTC, TRX: technical analysis and forecast of the course for February 27-28, 2019

The largest Altcoins are consolidating at the levels of support employed since February 25. A sharp increase in volatility in the cryptocurrency markets is possible with the beginning of a hard fork in the network of etirium.


On the February 25 news on the inclusion of XRP in the listing of the Coinbase Pro trading floor, speculative demand pushed the price of the coin above the key resistance level of $ 0.3405. However, in the first hours of the new session, the XRP / USD quotes rolled back to the “fair price” level in the range of the moving average EMA200- $ 0.3212.

At the time of the review of the Ripple market, the dollar is trading at $ 0.3225 over the weekly pivot $ 0.3195. Morning testing of price support confirms the consolidation of large volumes of cryptoactive purchases below the level of the reversal of the short-term trend.

February 27 XRPUSD H4
February 27 XRPUSD H4

The relative strength index data indicates a balance of bear and bull forces in the short-term XRP market: the amplitude of the RSI14 line is narrowing, the indicator line is directed horizontally at a neutral level.

Short stop Ripple purchases are possible at the next false breakdown of support at $ 0.3195 with targets of $ 0.3260 and $ 0.3300. Defensive orders for long positions should be placed no higher than the local support level of $ 0.3170.


Since the publication of the previous review of the BCH / USD pair, no significant changes in the market have occurred. Testing of resistance by the bulls, after the collapse of quotations from a one and a half price highs, confirms the consolidation of large volumes of Bitcoin Cash sales over the level of $ 136.00 a week pivot.

In turn, buyers of cryptocurrency formed a fairly strong support for the BCH / USD price at a dynamic level, along the EMA200 moving average line with the current value of $ 131.30.

At the time of the market review, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $ 130.80 in a narrow price range with an upper limit at the local resistance level of $ 133.50.

February 27 BCHUSD H4
February 27 BCHUSD H4

Bulls do not have sufficiently strong market support to bring the price of cryptocurrency above the reversal level of the short-term trend at $ 136.00. The values of the relative strength index confirm the insignificant advantage of bears.

Under the current market situation, the opportunity to buy Bitcoin Cash, with the least risks, will appear only after the breakdown of resistance at the pivot level of $ 136.00.


Since February 25, the price of the litecoin has stabilized in the range of $ 47.60-45.30, the upper limit of which is formed at the weekly level of the reversal of the short-term trend. The price is supported by the moving average EMA100 with the current value of $ 45.80.

At the time of the market analysis, the LTC / USD pair is trading at $ 45.95 above the dynamic support level. The values of the relative strength index are held in the sales area, the RSI14 line is turned down from the neutral level on the indicator chart, which indicates the situational advantage of bears.

February 27 LTCUSD H4
February 27 LTCUSD H4

In the next 24 hours, a breakdown of support for the price of litecoin at the lower end of the range of $ 47.60-45.30 is possible. Short-term LTC / USD purchases are possible at a price rebound from a local support level of $ 44.00 with targets of $ 45.50 and $ 46.80.


Bitpinex Tron on the crypto trading to the US dollar, at the time of the market review, is listed at $ 0.0245. From the second half of the session on February 24, the TRX / USD pair is trading in a narrowing range with an upper limit at the level of the weekly pivot $ 0.0248.

Pressure pa quotes cryptocurrency has a moving average EMA100 with the current value of $ 0.0250. Numerous unsuccessful attempts of bulls to break through resistance in the range of $ 0.0248-0.0250 confirm the concentration of large volumes on coin sales.

Nevertheless, the support of the TRX / USD pair is gradually increasing, and the breakdown of the resistance of bears in the indicated range no longer seems impossible.

February 27 TRXUSD H4
February 27 TRXUSD H4

It is obvious that the expected sharp increase in quotations on the markets of the largest cryptocurrency will be the trigger on the coin market, which will attract new buyers of Tron.

Considering the current situation on the coin market, TRX / USD purchases are recommended only after the breakdown of the resistance level of $ 0.0250 with targets of $ 0.0258 and $ 0.0266.

Trading recommendations are not a guide to action. Following the recommendations, you assume the associated risk of loss of funds.


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