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Amid the tightening of sanctions, Putin want to trade with Iran for cryptocurrency

Russia and Iran, the two cooperating in many areas of the country, not just under international sanctions, but suffer from their constant tightening. Moreover, Iran and is disconnected from the international system for the transmission of financial information SWIFT. In this regard, Putin wants to trade with Iran using cryptocurrency.

This information in an interview with RBC said Ramazan Abdulatipov, the representative of the Russian President for the Caspian sea.

“I met with the Deputy of the Central Bank of Iran on the issue of possible use in their transactions with cryptocurrencies. There are quite normal modern mechanisms for calculations. It is difficult to establish economic cooperation without a well functioning interbank agreements. Ask my Iranian friends: “you say that you US announce sanctions. We complain that we announce the sanctions. And who declared sanctions between us? Why are we not actively working on?”, — says the official.

Thus, according to abdulatipova, the official Tehran is ready for such cooperation, as finished, and Moscow. But then the conversation had not yet come.

“You know when both are ready, and act, then there is a doubt. I think we are inert, and the world is very dynamic”, — concluded the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation.

Recall that in mid-November, the information appeared that the Iranian authorities have completed the development of a national stablein, leaving only the formalities and the legal framework.


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