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Best wallet prevents the appearance on the market of counterfeit hardware wallets

Manufacturer hardware cryptocurrency wallets best wallet warns that one of the popular models, best wallet One, was cloned and is now actively sold in the secondary markets. While the fake purse is very difficult to distinguish from the original.

Best wallet fake One made by an anonymous seller and is the exact copy of the original, positioning itself as “an exclusive copy of the” flagship device One best wallet.

The company calls in any case not to use the fake and gives some tips on how to distinguish a clone from the original.

Packaging, hologram and barcode on the fake devices are different. In addition, users can turn to the website of the manufacturer of wallet.best wallet.ioto make sure that the purchased purse original.

The counterfeit has a very low cost in comparison with the original and, if you believe the packaging, are made in China. In the photo below the fake left, original right:

Fake Trezor


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