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Binance Chain test network will be launched next week

The following Wednesday, February 20, the Binance Chain test network will be launched, the head of the Binance cryptocurrency Zhao Changpeng announced this on Twitter today. It is on this blockchain that the new decentralized Binance DEX platform will work.

“Now we can already say the exact date. The launch is scheduled for 02/20/2019. This will be a test version, so we are waiting for feedback, ”stressed the head of Beans.

The network architecture is based on Tendermint. According to Changpen, this is the optimal solution for decentralized cryptobirth, which will function with DPoS and BFT.

In addition, the head of cryptobirds said that the new platform is a fork of Tendermint, where a number of elements, including smart contracts, have disappeared. I had to take this step to improve performance. For cryptobirges, this is more important than advanced functionality. Binance Chain-based crypto projects will be able to create coins and organize “effective ICOs”, receiving funding from outside.


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