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Bitcoin ETFs vs. Direct Ownership: Kiyosaki’s Take

Bitcoin ETFs vs. Direct Ownership: Kiyosaki’s Take


  • Robert Kiyosaki Critiques Bitcoin ETFs: The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author advocates for direct ownership of Bitcoin over ETFs, citing better control and avoidance of Wall Street’s fees and risks.
  • Bullish on Bitcoin, Bearish on ETFs: While skeptical about Bitcoin ETFs, Kiyosaki remains bullish on Bitcoin’s future value, preferring the protection that comes with owning the cryptocurrency outright.
  • Investment Philosophy: Kiyosaki’s stance is part of a broader investment strategy favoring tangible assets, encouraging investors to be hands-on and understand the assets they own in the face of market volatility.

Robert Kiyosaki, the acclaimed author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has recently voiced his skepticism towards Bitcoin ETFs, advocating for direct ownership of assets over Wall Street’s financial products. In a world where cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining traction, Robert Kiyosaki’s stance on Bitcoin ETFs has sparked discussions among investors and enthusiasts alike. 

The renowned author and entrepreneur took to social media to express his disinterest in Bitcoin ETFs, stating a clear preference for direct ownership of assets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Kiyosaki’s critique of Bitcoin ETFs stems from his broader investment philosophy, which favors tangible assets over financial products offered by Wall Street. 

He equates his ownership of gold and silver coins, mines, and real estate to his approach towards cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the importance of holding assets directly rather than through exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

“Why would I buy a Bitcoin ETF when I can own the real thing?” Kiyosaki questioned in a recent tweet. His sentiment reflects a growing trend among investors who seek to have more control over their investments and are wary of the additional fees and potential risks associated with ETFs.

Kiyosaki’s Investment Philosophy

Bitcoin ETFs vs. Direct Ownership: Kiyosaki’s Take

Kiyosaki’s skepticism towards Bitcoin ETFs is not a reflection of his outlook on Bitcoin itself. He remains bullish on the apex cryptocurrency, having predicted a significant rise in its value earlier this year. His investment strategy, however, is firmly rooted in the belief that direct ownership provides a layer of protection against market volatility and the complexities of financial products.

The debate over Bitcoin ETFs versus direct ownership is not new, but Kiyosaki’s influential voice has brought renewed attention to the conversation. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, investors are weighing the pros and cons of different investment vehicles. 

Bitcoin has had an interesting day. Its price has been fluctuating from a peak of over $71K to its current price of around $69.800, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Kiyosaki’s preference for direct control and ownership may resonate with those who share his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be actively involved in managing their assets. In conclusion, while Robert Kiyosaki’s endorsement of Bitcoin remains strong, his latest remarks highlight a cautious approach to investing in cryptocurrencies through ETFs. 

His advocacy for self-custody and direct investment aligns with his overall investment philosophy, encouraging investors to be more hands-on and understand their assets. As the financial landscape changes, Kiyosaki’s perspective offers a valuable viewpoint for those navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency investments.

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