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Bitcoin Whales Refuse to Sell

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  • Bitcoin exchange inflows have been low recently, suggesting a lack of interest from whales in selling.
  • The situation resembles previous bullish rallies, but with a different dynamic.
  • Although high inflows are usually interpreted as a bearish signal. The current low activity could suggest a long-term holding strategy by large investors.

On-chain data reveals a particular pattern in the Bitcoin (BTC) market: exchange inflows have remained low in recent weeks, indicating that whales, or large investors, are not interested in selling.

According to CryptoQuant founder and CEO Ki Young Ju, Bitcoin deposits on two of the world’s largest exchanges, Binance and OKX, have shown a downward trend recently. The indicator is known as “exchange inflow” and is crucial for understanding market sentiment. As it reflects the total amount of BTC being transferred to centralized exchange wallets.

When inflow is high, it means investors are depositing a large number of tokens, which is often interpreted as a bearish signal as it could suggest a selling intention. However, in this case, the flows have been surprisingly low, indicating that selling Bitcoin is not an option at the moment.

The lack of activity in deposits contrasts with what was observed during Bitcoin’s bullish rally earlier this year when inflows to exchanges experienced a slight uptick. However, since then, they have returned to notably low levels.

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Are Bitcoin Whales Looking to the Long Term?

But the main question is why large BTC holders are not showing interest in selling at the moment. One possible explanation is that they may be adopting a long-term holding strategy, relying on Bitcoin’s long-term potential.

The current market behavior is comparable to that of the 2021 bullish rally. Where inflows were significantly high during price growth phases. However, the current lack of activity in deposits shows a different dynamic in this new cycle.

Another underlying factor in this behavioral change could be the increasing availability of Bitcoin ETFs. Which offer investors an alternative way to gain exposure to the asset without having to resort to traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

As always in the crypto market, the situation can change rapidly, and investors must adapt from moment to moment. We will closely monitor BTC’s evolution, which is at the threshold of crucial moments in its history.

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