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Bitcoin makes a comeback after crashing through the support levels last week


Bitcoin has made healthy progress to move past the $37,000 level in the recent market updates. It comes at a time when people started raising eyebrows over the world’s most popular and valuable cryptocurrency. The value of Bitcoin dropped to almost $30,000 a couple of days back. Experts termed the $30,000 level to be a crucial mark because a drop below could mean that the market is in for an even worse dip.

However, today Bitcoin has made an upsurge of over 13% from the low of yesterday. Its yesterday’s value was the lowest since May 19. Thus, it is good to see that the recovery has come at an uncertain time, providing much-needed relief to the investing sector.

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Future predictions for Bitcoin

Experts have mentioned several reasons for the price movement of cryptocurrencies. It primarily includes the trends running across the market spheres, which means that either the crypto token is over-bought or oversold recently. However, such sharp declines, like the one observed in Bitcoin, induce panic selling in the trading and investing sector. As a result, the market gets destabilized and goes into a severe correction.

However, the crypto experts now believe that the hard time for Bitcoin might be over. As it has been meddling within the $30,000-$40,000 range for a few weeks now. They also claimed that the $30K support for Bitcoin is surely a strong one but there are high chances for it to be tested again. However, if Bitcoin continues to stabilize itself we can see it booming past the resistance levels in no time.

The first quarter of this year proved to be immensely beneficial for Bitcoin, as it reached its all-time high in mid-April. However, things looked bleak in the next few weeks. Nonetheless, there is a high chance that Bitcoin can once again finish off the year at a high and set new records in the crypto market. The value of Bitcoin is equally important for many altcoins who follow the trends set by this major crypto token. It leads the way for many mainstream cryptocurrencies, therefore, the market is in some way connected with the performance of Bitcoin.

The strong fundamentals of Bitcoin and its potential to bounce back from setback has earned it a special place in the crypto sphere. Moreover, its limited total supply of 21 million has also attracted investors. It can act as an alternative to currency notes and other traditional currencies, which will eventually help it stay relevant to the global economic structure.

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