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By the title of the article, you have already guessed that today I will talk about the foundation. I am sure you will like this story, and some will learn from it. I will try to briefly describe the key points, how we did it and what really happened.

The idea of the foundation haunted me for a long time, and only in the summer we started talking about it closely. It was then that was approved in absentia by the traders and the rest of the BJ team, so we did not linger. We moved from words to action and somehow in small steps, with mock-ups started to make it. All this lasted for several months, under the final edits and launch, I specifically flew to Yekaterinburg, where we launched it for another 2 weeks.

Everyone was waiting for him: from my friends to subscribers. It was something unusual, because there were no such “stock chips” anywhere. I mean tariffs: USDT, BTC, 50/50 and so on. I expected from the launch of all this, at least, personal satisfaction. Satisfying that my idea was embodied, and that now I brought into this world not just the media, but a tool for making money for ordinary people like me. It was these thoughts that I expressed in my articles, and I still believe that, living in society, it is important not only to take, but also to give.

The original arrangements were fairly simple. I gave 50% of superprofits to traders and another 17.5% to the programmer for service, work and code. They trade on my accounts, I just gave them access from the trading account.

It turned out that all the resources for this machine were collected by me, and the income I received was much less, but I was not particularly worried. And then came the moment when we started. I sat like Mark Zuckerberg after starting up Facebook, humming something under my breath and swaying in the chair from another sleepless night.

The first announcement was made, and without thinking twice, the first investments appeared. It was either $ 150, then $ 300, then $ 500. The amounts are relatively small, but I was pleased that people trusted us. I knew that once I started this wheel, I couldn’t stop it. And the number of deposits and volumes will only grow. It was worth only doing the right thing.

After a couple of successful weeks of work, our traders Alexey Tarabanov and Alexey Ivanov began to press their ears, and to say that with such volumes we won’t make much money. This made me write to my friends, go to a couple of large investors. A little later, I drew a million rubles in a crypt from an investor I knew, and, under haste, safely, almost without interest, I brought Fiat to the exchange. There was no limit to my joy, a lot of funds were attracted in total, and I began to understand that we would begin to receive profits earlier than we thought.

But as you understood, this tale had a slightly different end. No matter how much talk about diversification, we did not have Tarabanov and Ivanov began to slowly merge the bill. And all of them were 3.

On their part, phrases were sent into battle saying that it is normal to drain, that it is not necessary to worry, and this is a common practice. Every day, the dollar balance was less and less, and one fine day the main account for a five-digit round figure dipped 1.5-2 times. I remember that day, as I remember, to say that I was “blown” to say nothing.

Very soon we phoned and all that Tarabanov and Ivanov were talking about was that we needed new deposits, something that still needs to be thrown up for the margin, for “drawing out” the account and so on. The truth in these words is now, and I easily and naturally continued to throw all new deposits on the balance. So we threw and threw. On the BTC account, they threw more than half a bit, about the fiat one, I generally keep quiet.

And absolutely nothing brought profit. They were all minus and minus, at some point they ran out of money, I had a little reserved for payments, and I no longer touched them. All we did was wait for traders. At that moment, we suspended the weekly publication of the fund’s reports. And all the new deposits went to cover the previous payments. All this began to smell like a pyramid, which did not suit me at all.

Disagreements began, Tarabanov and Ivanov only fed breakfast and said that they would ottreydit, and you know that in the end? The BTC account, which was originally quite large, just burned out. Do you know what the person responsible for this account said, Ivanov? He blamed the broker, the broker was to blame, the rate went down – everything burned out.

And nothing, that he was thrown away almost half a beat, and he never, I repeat, never even pledged? Nothing that your manager Tarabanov entrusted you to this wallet, and that you need to make sure that the funds are safe and your job is trivial, so that it does not burn out. Apparently, the person simply did not understand that it was other people's money and they entrusted it to him. In the end, he just decided to score and blame the broker.

Apparently, the third account was burned in the same way, Tarabanov simply blamed the trading conditions and promised to bargain everything from the main one. And now guess what happened to the main? A five-digit balance became a four-digit balance. And no, it is not rubles.

New contributions are no more, do not want to make a pyramid. People start asking about deposits, about interest, some stench begins, and traders still “trade”. With a fucking two accounts, and at times burnt main.

Why are you, Volodya, the oil will soon unfold, everything will be okay, Tarabanov told me.

Very soon, they began to slowly merge, less likely to respond and ignore. I, in turn, sat with the team (and more often one) and tore my hair, not knowing what to do, not knowing what to say, but I kept the audience in ignorance. Absolute melancholy, absolute pi ** es, loss of reputation, money, work, so many resources and opportunities. And here I once again get to call traders and they say that they have found an investor and that we will try to rectify the situation.

I even straightened myself. I was told the amounts, I began to count, calculate and look for a possible way out of the situation. It was then that you could see the BitJournal Fund article : a course on stability , where I said that we are lowering the interest rate and that we will use greater diversification with the ability to withdraw funds from users.

According to them, they attracted an investor for $ 7-8 thousand, of which they transferred me 250,000 rubles. On Asiki, so that I could draw a small part of the payments, but it absolutely would not have affected the situation, because by the end of December and in early January, it was necessary to pay most of the bodies. Of these 250k, he immediately scattered to payoffs of about 100k. I have 150 left and what do you order me to do with them? Neither do not take asiki, nothing really to buy. I flew to Moscow, since I owed one person a debt, and after a couple of weeks he threw me a weave, and I finally bought and brought the unfortunate 10 pieces. The traders said that they would trade the balance of the amount, put it on a margin, on the main account, try to “lose” something, but, as you could guess, absolutely nothing happened, again silence and ignore.

And here I sit. Holidays. New Year Christmas. Ashikis will not get up soon, because I sent them to another city for installation. I sit morally devastated, the fund is in a drawdown, on personal problems, tax hammer, traders, as always, ignore – businessmen, apparently, businessmen. The editors turn away from me, because their salary depended directly on the fund, the technical director, with whom I did all this, turns away and we seem to be friends with him. He just decided not to talk to me and ignore. They are hammering from all sides, everybody wants something. I had to constantly “catch” traders and beg for their calls. Why should I even do this? Uh, that was exhausting. But everything that does not kill, makes us stronger? Is not it?

You know, I have only a suspicion and an estimated opinion that gentlemen Tarabanov and Ivanov are just miserable fraudsters who have just earned it. On the broker, after all, I created an account using their referral. And part of the “fund” funds that went into my account dropped them. In the process of dialogues that did not take place so often, Alyoshka constantly said that they would work under the contract. But the joke is that Tarabanov, apparently deliberately bothered to sign only 4-5 contracts, and there were many more clients there.

In this connection, I decided to make a statement:

I sell a controlling stake in BJ to two investors, one of whom decided to help me in this situation and showed himself from the best side. Yes, one of the investors is Sokolovsky, and we will again work with Prometheus. I, already from my own funds, compensate the funds to all those who did not sign the contract with our Aleshki. This is the irony of fate. The funds will be received by those who did not make contracts and trusted the project and my name.

I do this in order not to spoil the reputation and not allow two unfortunate traders to destroy the project in which I have invested more than one million. It turns out that now our Alexei Tarabanov and Ivanov owe me, and several other people, that they have concluded contracts. If our “respected” traders will not return the debts, then I am ready to influence in any way, and in any way to repair all the damage. These non-professional actions on their part should be punished, and no one else should buy into the professional chatter of these guys.

I hope this story at least taught you something. After all, experience is the most important thing. I am glad that this happened at the early stage of cooperation with these people, and that this did not happen with 7-digit figures. Until the situation with traders settles, the fund will not function. Most likely, after the purchase of BJ, the fund will be renamed. I count on your support and understanding. For my part, I did everything in the best possible way.

And yes: money is not the end, only the means.

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