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Blockchain Augur forecasting platform launches stable currency DAI

The blockchain-based event rate platform Augur has released a token, the MakerDAO Dai (DAI) stable token, as part of a major upgrade of its platform. This news was published in the official blog post on April 8.

Augur claims that the introduction of DAI-denominated markets will make trading less volatile compared to Ethereum (ETH), which until now has been used to trade on the platform.

DAI support is part of the large-scale Augur protocol improvements, and today the company claims that its Protocol 2 (V2) protocol contracts are now “ready for the first round of audits when working on integration with the rest of the Augur platform.” As for DAI support, This blog post states that:

“For V1, the use of ETH was achieved using a contract (“ Cash ”), which included ETH and gained additional trust under Augur contracts to receive privileged transfers. V2 contracts will still refer to Cash, which would instead indicate an ERC20 token without extensions. At the time of release, this will be set for a DAI multi-order token. ”

Other improvements to the protocol include, inter alia, the elimination of a recent weak spot on the platform, which allowed poor players to create intentionally invalid markets. To solve this problem, Augur introduces the V2 update, which will allow Invalid to be a profitable result.

Among the many other features for V2, there is something that Augur "Use it or lose – Lose It" duplicates, which introduces a time limit in addition to the existing percentage bonus on tokens to motivate users to transfer their tokens and participate in the plug, This provides security.

As reported, along with the exploitation of invalid markets by bad players, Augur had previously caused controversy when so-called “homicide markets” surfaced on the platform, in which users bet on the death of a number of high-ranking public figures.

According to CoinMarketCap, of their own accord, the REP Augur token takes 35th place in terms of market capitalization and trades at $ 20.46.

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