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Bobby Lee explained why he creates a “cryptocurrency wallet for housewives.”

Bobby Lee, co-founder and former CEO of China’s first BTCC cryptocurrency exchange, talked about working on a revolutionary project – a hardware cryptocurrency wallet for inexperienced users.

The Ballet hardware wallet is intended for users who do not know how to use the command console, they don’t know anything about gadget flashing, and in some cases they don’t even know what two-factor authentication is.

The question arises – why do people who don’t know basic things about digital security have a cryptocurrency wallet? Bobby Lee claims that the Chinese have always considered Bitcoin an investment, not a payment system, and some investors begin to get acquainted with the digital world just to invest in BTC.

“They don’t know how to correctly set a strong password […], they don’t know what two-factor authentication is, how to work with firmware, security updates, etc. They hardly understand how to log in, not to mention 2SA and SMS confirmation, ”says Lee.

He is also confident that the massive introduction of crypto technologies will be possible due to the simplification of the use of these technologies for ordinary users – “from a nine-year-old child to a 99-year-old grandmother.”

Ballet is a credit card-sized device that offers cold storage of Bitcoins (BTC) and fourteen altcoins, including Ether (ETH), XRP and Litecoin (LTC). An additional 18 coins are expected to be added in the future.


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