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Button Wallet crypto wallet lures users with free Gram tokens

6.6 Gram tokens will be available to Button Wallet users for installing and activating the application. At least that's what the wallet developers say, assuring that they launched the first free platform for testing the Telegram Open Network blockchain network.

According to Button Wallet COO Rachel Maccari, many people are afraid to start using cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the company offers a way to test their capabilities without risking losing their own money.

However, Gram tokens, in fact, turn out to be fictitious. already at the last stage of activation, this message appears:

“We are not responsible for the safety of your TON funds due to the storage of TON private keys on TESTNET servers. TESTNET can be turned off at any time
Please note that this is only TESTNET: all GRAMS 💎 – not real tokens, they have no value "

The launch of the Telegram Open Network blockchain should take place before October 31 of this year. According to TON Board, on September 1, project developers will release part of the code, a network validation module, as well as documentation for them.


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