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Colony Lab Revolutionizes Crypto Investments with “Early-Stage” Platform and Liquid Vesting

Colony Lab Revolutionizes Crypto Investments with "Early-Stage" Platform and Liquid Vesting


  • Colony Lab launches the “Early-Stage” platform to democratize access to investments in seed and private sales.
  • Introduction of the innovative “Liquid Vesting” solution that allows trading of locked tokens during their vesting period.
  • Investors can participate in projects such as DeltaPrime and Pulsar in the Avalanche ecosystem.

Colony Lab has launched its long-awaited decentralized fundraising platform, “Early-Stage”, an initiative that promises to revolutionize access to early investments in seed and private sales, traditionally reserved for venture capitalists and high net worth individuals.

This launch represents a significant step towards democratizing early investments in the cryptocurrency space.

A notable feature of the new platform is the innovative “Liquid Vesting” solution, which allows investors to trade their locked or consolidating tokens on the Colony decentralized exchange (DEX) during the lock-up period.

This is the first time such flexibility has been introduced in the cryptocurrency space, allowing investors to freely and securely trade their tokens before they are fully vested.

This innovative approach was developed after two years of meticulous work and rigorous audits, including a comprehensive 130-page final audit report.

The launch of Colony Lab‘s Early-Stage platform and Liquid Vesting solution is set to transform the early investing landscape, fostering inclusion and breaking down barriers.

This will open up unprecedented opportunities for investors and strengthen the foundation for early-stage projects.

The community can now access powerful investment tools that democratize the investment process at the level of experienced venture capitalists.

Investors can explore, collaborate, invest and support projects from inception to completion alongside thousands of other investors.

Colony Lab‘s Early-Stage platform is the first inclusive investment DAO in the Avalanche ecosystem, providing access to seed and private sales before IDOs.

By staking CLY tokens, investors can access investment offerings from projects built on Avalanche and trade their locked tokens thanks to the Liquid Vesting solution.

Colony Lab Revolutionizes Cryptocurrency Investments with Early-Stage Platform and Liquid Vesting

Access and Benefits of Colony Lab Early-Stage Platform

To participate in the Early-Stage platform, users must stake CLY tokens to receive ANT tokens and complete the KYC/KYB process on the Colony app.

They can then interact with project NESTs (investment funds) in the deal flow phase, pledging their ANT tokens to express investment interest and reserve an allocation in USDC for project fundraising.

This assignment may be compromised once the project advances to the analysis phase.

Colony Lab has already launched the investment opportunity in two dynamic Avalanche projects: DeltaPrime and Pulsar.

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