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ConsenSys selects the last 10 Blockchain startups for the Accelerator


ConsenSys Ventures, the investment unit of the ethereum ConsenSys development studio, selected 10 startups from the blockchain for the second cohort of its accelerator program Tachyon.

Announcing this on Monday, ConsenSys Ventures announced that the selected startups for the Tachyon 2.0 program are aimed at creating new blockchain-based solutions for data privacy, encryption, healthcare and decentralized funding, among other areas.

All 10 startups will benefit from the accelerator program, which includes meetings and lectures of "outstanding" entrepreneurs, ethereum developers and venture capitalists, as well as access to the ConsenSys network. Incubation events will be held in Berlin and San Francisco.

ConsenSys added that the German Bundestag, the German parliament, is holding a meeting today that discusses various areas covered by ConsenSys, including initial incubation, legal issues and marketing. There will also be introductions from each of the commands in the accelerator.

German MP Alexander Kulits said in the announcement:

“The best support that the government can provide to innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups is to avoid unnecessary and unnecessary rules. Politicians do not have to decide whether a product or an entrepreneurial idea should be successful or not. A decision must be made at the request of people in free economic markets. Politicians must guarantee equal conditions in free and fair markets. ”

ConsenSys Ventures launched Tachyon as its first broadcast-oriented program last June. At that time, the firm said that the first group of 15 projects would receive between $ 75,000 and $ 100,000, plus the benefits of its eight-week program.

Managing Partner ConsenSys Ventures Kavita Gupta said:

“With the support of the ConsenSys and Ethereum ecosystems, we strive to provide all the necessary tool kits for our entrepreneurs to succeed in both the short and long term.”

Selected startups:

  • Blockchain DNA Database with Genomes
  • Blockchain-startup focused on the energy market, Block-Z
  • Glimpse Sovereign Identity Protocol
  • Creator of data chain authentication software
  • Lawcoin Investment Finance Platform
  • Cypherock Cryptocurrency Storage Solution Provider
  • Making custom printed cryptocurrency cards
  • Smart security firm for contracts and transactions
  • Ibis Blockchain Microinsurance
  • The creator of the open source protocol for incorporating digital assets into LinkDrop links.

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