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Crypto Crushes Traditional Assets: Are Stocks and Commodities Losing Steam?

Crypto Crushes Traditional Assets: Are Stocks and Commodities Losing Steam?


  • Crypto assets outperform traditional assets: Bitcoin surpasses $50k and $1 trillion market cap, while Ethereum and other altcoins post double-digit returns.
  • Bitcoin challenges gold as a store of value: Bitcoin ETP inflows increase, while Gold ETP outflows continue, indicating a potential shift in investor preference.
  • Crypto market compass signals bullish sentiment: The ETC Group’s index reflects the positive market dynamics and growth opportunities for crypto assets.

The ETC Group’s Crypto Market Compass for Week 8, 2024, reveals a significant shift in the crypto market landscape. Last week, crypto assets outperformed traditional assets by a wide margin, with Bitcoin reclaiming its $50k price and $1 trillion market cap. The ETC Group’s in-house “Cryptoasset Sentiment Index” signals a bullish sentiment, reflecting the positive market dynamics.

A noteworthy trend is the increasing divergence between global Bitcoin ETP inflows and Gold ETP outflows. This divergence might be an early sign of Bitcoin challenging gold’s status as the prime store of value. The cumulative sum of Bitcoin and Gold ETP flows further illustrates this trend.

Last week, crypto assets significantly outperformed traditional assets like US equities or commodities. Major crypto assets like Ethereum even posted double-digit returns. This performance suggests that crypto assets are increasingly decoupling from traditional assets.

Global fund flows into Bitcoin ETPs and fund flows into global Gold ETPs are diverging. While global Gold ETPs have seen net outflows of approximately $2.6 billion, global Bitcoin ETPs have attracted around $4.8 billion year-to-date. This trend is expected to continue, with Bitcoin potentially disrupting Gold as the prime store of value.

Crypto Market Compass Signals Bullish Sentiment

Crypto Crushes Traditional Assets: Are Stocks and Commodities Losing Steam?

if Bitcoin were to reach a market capitalization comparable to that of gold, which is currently estimated at approximately $13 trillion, the value of a single Bitcoin could potentially rise to around $600,000. This situation suggests a substantial growth opportunity if it continues to develop. 

It’s noteworthy that the net inflows into Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) have begun to increase. This is due to a deceleration in outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) and a concurrent acceleration in inflows into other similar products.

Among the top 10 crypto assets, Ethereum, Cardano, and Binance’s BNB token were the relative outperformers. Overall altcoin outperformance vis-à-vis Bitcoin also picked up compared to the week prior.

In conclusion, the crypto market compass indicates a bullish sentiment for Bitcoin and other major crypto assets. With Bitcoin reclaiming its $50k price and $1 trillion market cap, and the increasing divergence between Bitcoin ETP inflows and Gold ETP outflows, the crypto market is poised for significant growth.

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